Who We Are

About Us

DAYLAD Consult Ltd. is a Nigerian company. DAYLAD develops and deliver technology solutions, business and manpower development services and consultancy.

We take technology from the point of development to its application. We evaluate, promote and build capacity of organizations to master and use technology effectively.

DAYLAD is at the fore front of building human capital of Nigeria through needs driven capacity building programs and training and development consultancy.

We have supported Government and Private initiatives to develop and deliver world-class infrastructure in our nation, leveraging on globally acclaimed best practices and technologies.

DAYLAD has over the years provided services to clients across industries, helping to improve efficiency and enhancing business visibility.


We are prime provider of value-driven  technology and skilled-base solutions that drive efficient and effective realization of results .

Our focus is to be continuously innovative so as to always put our customers ahead, do better than our competitors and bring greater benefits to our    stakeholders.

We are a highly skilled company, driven by  value addition and commitment to service.


DAYLAD shall be at the apex of  delivering innovative technology  solutions, human capital development and specialized services, with the most referral from Clients.


At DAYLAD, we see business only with our Customers in mind, we put them ahead of the things we do and ensure that our services are continuously improved to meet ever growing expectations and requirements of the Industry.

We pride in our core values.

Integrity: We put your interest first and keep to promises made to our Customers and employees. We conduct our business in the most professional manner.

Excellence: The depth of our practice strengthens our ability to take up new challenges, respond to change, and put in our best all the time.

Partnership: We build relationships, ensuring that Customers derive the best benefits from using our services. We keep each relationship cordial and sustained beyond every project.

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