Who We Are

Our History

DAYLAD Consult Ltd. opened for business in the year 2012, identifying the growing need to have companies that could operate to the highest level of competence, professionalism and integrity. We identified the gaps in the consulting business environment and the need to provide out-of-the-box problem solving and address the requirement for real-time solutions in emerging technologies.

DAYLAD has worked extensively since inception and offered Clients our services in areas such as technology solutions, manpower development and business development consultancy. Our efforts have been delivered across industries, helping to improve efficiency and enhance business visibility.

Today, we are an organization that regularly reappraise our operations, evaluate trends in the market place and re-strategizing to continue to offer our current and future Clients value-driven services, high-quality delivery and prompt discharge of services, which has helped us stay profitable and sustainable.

Partnering to deliver solutions

DAYLAD will always be your trusted and reliable ally when it comes to making things work the right way, improving on present performances, finding the most appropriate solutions and making you master them within the shortest possible time.

DAYLAD works with organisations and businesses to deliver on their services more efficiently, helping with new initiatives, methods and solutions.

Engineering and Software technology solutions

Capacity Building, Training development & management

Business development activities and creating access to market

DAYLAD has worked effectively within the engineering, construction and infrastructure sectors of the Nigerian economy and has developed good momentum in this area which accounted for 90% of her businesses so far. We are top of offering tailored services that will match the requirement and expectations of the sector.

DAYLAD shall continuously innovative to always put our customers ahead, do better than our competitors and bring greater benefits to our stakeholders, a highly skilled company, driven by competent professionals and fuelled by passion.

 DAYLAD relationship with the LUSAS FEA UK is presently helping to scaleup infrastructure delivery in Nigeria. Our training programme has introduced the best-known methodology to skill-based learning in Nigeria while we have worked with the Engineering community in Nigeria through the Council for the Regulation of Engineering and the Nigerian Society of Engineers to deepen access to focus products and new technologies.

DAYLAD, changing the way you work!

Our Mission

We provide value-driven business solutions through technology and human capital, driving effective realization of results.

Our Vision

Earn the most referrals as one company that has delivered the most value-addition to businesses delivering services to the world.

Our Core Values

At DAYLAD, we see business only with our Customers in mind, we put them ahead of the things we do and ensure that our services are continuously improved to meet the ever growing demand of the Industry.

We pride in our core values.

Integrity: Putting the interest of our Clients and Professional obligations to them first, keeping to promises made to them and having our employees uphold this level of responsibility at all times.

Excellence: We will not fail to dare, believing that the depth of our practice is strengthened by our ability to take up new challenges, respond firmly to changes, and give our best at all time.

Partnership: We never see any job as a one-off. Each job is a growing bond of partnership, that makes us understand our Clients the more, ensuring they derive the best benefit from using us so that we are always there to render our services.

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