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DAYLAD work within organizations to manage and support their training and development functions.

Our Service are available to organizations with or without functional training department.


Our Short courses are well researched and developed to address capacity gaps identified from needs assessment.

Participants can make  preferred choice of time and venue to join our classes.



DAYLAD conducts scheduled short courses published in a Training Calendar yearly. We provide bespoke and customized training to organizations with special requirements such as emergency need for skilled hands, complex training scope and overseas training.

Manpower development function

DAYLAD works within organizations to set-up training units, develop training plans and needs assessment, helping organizations ascertain their capacity gaps and how best to bridge the gaps.

Project specific manpower sourcing

DAYLAD works with organizations setting up new units, departments and new projects to train the skills of new employees in performing would-be assigned tasks.

Our services applies in construction sites, social intervention programs and where mass recruitment exercises has taken place.

We have developed proven protocols for working successfully with HR departments in organizations.

How we train

  • Instructor led
  • Open discussion
  • Case study
  • Self-assessment
  • Brainstorm

Our approach

Pre-training preparation: DAYLAD harvest participants’ performance expectation to moderate training delivery. This includes the demography, job skills demand, nature of work and level of authority of participants.

Post-training evaluation: DAYLAD post training evaluation guides in delivering appropriate post-training follow-up and continuous build-up of participants capacity to deliver on their jobs.

Training options

Scheduled: Our scheduled training allow participants prepare ahead and make a choice of attending any of our  locations and facilities.

Bespoke: We work out bespoke arrangement with organizations with special requirement for flexibility in training implementation, such as preferential dates and venues.

Custom: DAYLAD offer training customization. Allowing Clients select projects in specific interest areas. We      creates unique learning experience by simulating work scenarios.

In-Plant: We deliver training to your personnel right within your premises and facilities.


Project Planning & Execution

6 – 8 May, 2019

23-26 September, 2019


Project Finance Management

6-9 May, 2019

9-12 September, 2019


Project Monitoring &        Evaluation

18-21 June, 2019

19-22 August, 2019

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