Fully supported Software

  • Installation and delivery of software pack and documentation
  • Basic training that help you get started using the software
  • Follow-up support on specific project case to help user advance his/her         expertise and experience in tackling cases.

LUSAS delivers infrastructure

LUSAS software has attracted interest among top decision makers in Nigeria’s Infrastructure delivery.

LUSAS is presently used by Consultants, Contractors and Government on design and assessment of  Bridge, Rail, Marine infrastructure and Buildings.

Authorized Reseller

DAYLAD is the authorized LUSAS Reseller and has been supporting users since 2014.

We assist desiring users understand LUSAS product solutions and get best benefits from the use of the software.

Why LUSAS for Footbridges?

  • Specific capability to model footbridge phenomena
  • Flexibility and adaptability to any architectural form
  • Proven on many of the world’s most iconic structures
  • Backed up by trusted support and consultancy services

Why LUSAS on Rail Projects?

  • A single solution for simple to advanced problems above and below ground
  • Unique capability in both high speed dynamics and track-structure interaction
  • Trusted partner for solutions in the global rail market
  • Proven on wide variety of projects in both bridge and tunneling infrastructure
  • Speed and efficiency through model and loading automation

Why Use LUSAS for Geotechnical/SSI?

  • Model ground and structure in a single model
  • Represent soil as continuums or interfaces (active/passive joints) and in 2D or 3D
  • Nonlinear soil materials models include Mohr coulomb, Modified Cam Clay, Drucker-Prager…
  • Water phase analysis for consolidation/seepage effects

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