CLIENT:         MFB PropertiesLtd/Hexalix Properties Ltd

LOCATION: Neighbourhood, Harper Street, Wuse Zone 7 .

VALUE:           N280m (Services & Finishes only)

DESCRIPTION: Project is Services Installation and finishes to     completion of the 7-storey mixed use facility comprising hotel and office spaces .


The objective of project was to install all services and finishes of the mixed use commercial facility. These  services are Electrical power, Low-voltage systems, Storm water services, Standby–power, Plumbing, HVAC, fire-fighting and Emergency management systems.

Scope of work: Our work scope was executed and included quality control and quality management of    installation which includes material checking, design review, testing, certification and project management.


Project Execution

¨ DAYLAD was involved in sizing the main Transformer as this was not captured in the original engineering specifications. This required the checking and review of design calculations. DAYLAD review resulted in the review of main switching configuration, sizing of main panels and protective equipment, and protective system coordination.

¨ DAYLAD also determined the appropriate location of service duct and riser for cables running to level-floors. Medium Voltage panels and main/sub-main cables route plans were reworked to take more installation and maintenance friendly route and was able to prevent schedule delays.

¨ DAYLAD provided panel shop drawings and cable entry and management design for main and sub-main cables and riser mains to the building. Lightning system was also reviewed vis a vis lighting risk assessment and underground trenching and cable protection for buried cables and external lighting installations for security services and car park and perimeter lighting.


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